Mix of Baklava

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  • Inside of mix baklava;
    First Picture Just a Sample
    1.Walnut(Cevizli Baklava)
    2.Pistachio one(Fıstıklı Baklava)
    3.Homemade Walnut one(Ev yapımı Cevizli Baklava)
    4.Roll pistachio (Fıstık Dürüm)
    5.Triangle pistachio(Şöbiyet Fıstıklı)
    6.Square Walnut(Pdişah Cevizli)
    7.Sqaure Pistachio(Padişah Fıstıklı)
    8.Chocolate(Çikolatalı Baklava)

    Ingredients: Water, wheat starch, sugar, butter, egg, salt,wheat flour,milk, wheat flour, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut.

    Storage Conditions: Keep it in a cool and dry place.Keep it away from high temperature and sun.

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