How to packing for shipping?
 As a first we are doing vacuum seal for boxes and then we are rapid the box by bubble wrap. As a last we put them in box to make them ready for shipping.
Let's see how we do that;

First Step;
  We do a nice box for you

IMG_7363 (1).jpg (1.84 MB)

Second Step;
We do a vacuum seal.

IMG_7083_(1).jpg (957 KB)

Third Step;
We pack them by bubble wrap and then we put them in a box.

IMG_7089.jpg (2.07 MB)

Last Step;
We cover them very well and we make them ready for express shipping.

vecteezy_a-close-up-of-a-person-preparing-shipments-from-home_1310253-min.jpg (889 KB)

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