Payment and Delivery
1) With your credit cards via our website
You can benefit from online single payment or online installment (all banks) advantages for all kinds of credit cards. In online payments, the amount will be withdrawn from your credit card upon completion of your order. In case of cancellations of order due to possible reasons or problems in stocks, the amounts will be returned to your credit card within 3 working days.
2) Return of Order Price
In case of cancellation of your order due to possible reasons, returns the product price to your account and/or credit card within three working days. However, you should provide your bank account and/or credit card information accurately and completely to our company’s officials.
4) Delivery
The products you ordered are delivered to your address at the end of 4 to 10 calendar days. You can see detailed information regarding delivery periods in your e-mail. The delivery period depends on your order method.
For the delivery of products without any delay, please provide the address you are present throughout the day as your delivery address.
Upon completion of the order, your requests will be put into process to be prepared according to the order method you determined. The products will be sent via kargomkolay. And they work with Dhl, Fedex, Ups, Tnt courier company from our Istanbul-based company. After your orders are confirmed, they will be delivered to the cargo company at the end of maximum 2 (eleven) calendar days.
You can consult our customer representative regarding different delivery conditions. We can send our products not only throughout Turkey but all around the world. Additional cargo fee is collected for deliveries outside Turkey.
5) Monitoring of Payment
If the system cannot execute a transaction due to any reason, the visitor is informed of this situation on the payment page.
The ordering party is contacted if orders cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address.
The validity of the e-mail address provided by our visitor is confirmed with an automatic e-mail sent after receipt of the order.
Regarding deliveries, we are as liable against the bank, whose credit card system we are using, as the customer.
Please note!
Please unwrap and control packages, which have been damaged during shipment in your opinion, before the company representative that delivers the package to you. If you think is the product is damaged, have the courier company to record minutes, and do not take delivery of the product.
The courier company is deemed to fulfil its duty completely after the product is received.  
If the product is damaged: Send the recorded minutes to the e-mail address the shortest time.
If you follow the abovementioned procedure, we will start working to resend the product for delivery within the shortest time.
If, in the e-mail, you briefly explain why you want to return the product, you can help us in our works.
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.